About Cheyne Toomey, the guy sitting below this body of text.

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That guy? Up there? Yep, that’s me. 

Coffee on side, computer on and doing something important (probably).

So... what is it that I do you ask? I take photos. Spaces, Construction, Architecture and food are the fields I love to work within. I also love capturing Automotive, Products and People. Please refer to my portfolio for a more detailed overview of recent work.

First and foremost, making new connections and building relationships is what I love doing. Building these relationships and helping others succeed is what makes me tick. That’s why I do what I do. This is where I apply my skill as photographer and create something tailored just for you. Everyone has a story to tell. Photos help tell that story. Beautiful photos help sell that story.

If it’s the full package you're after, Video, Aerial and 360 Imagery are services also offered thanks to my team of clever creatives I work closely with. 

If you have an idea, or a business that needs some visual punch, let’s catch up and have a chat. If you're in the area, the coffee is hot, and the door is open. 


Cheyne Toomey